Reclaiming An Old Cabin

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Reclaiming A Tiny Cabin For Vacation Rental

Tiny CabinBefore larger homes became the norm, almost everyone lived in a small place. This cabin is a perfect example of what homes were like at the beginning of the last century.

This beauty was built in 1917 and is 800 square feet of a cabin that has been left virtually untouched in almost 100 years. The people that bought it didn’t do much to it other than some restoration that was needed.

The house was build using redwood – just beautiful!

The doors and windows are original.

There is a gorgeous open fireplace for heating  - with forced air for backup. The fireplace is an old brick fireplace (which is one of my favorite things from older houses).

This along the lines of our plan when we decide where we want to settle again. We want to buy a very small, old fixer-upper and make it into our own but keeping as much of the old charm as possible. That house will become our retirement home.

In their case, they’ve made this tiny cabin into a gorgeous tiny cabin vacation rental in Inverness, California.

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