House Designs That Are Affordable

You may be thinking that it would be near impossible to design or find affordable housing these days. But it is.

If you are willing to change your lifestyle, you will be able to live comfortably in a home that doesn’t suck the life and money out of you.

Your Solution Is To Downsize

For me, the primary reason why I chose to downsize is because after a life-changing event, I decided that life is too short not to focus on actually living my life the way it I really want to.

All through our life we are bombarded with the idea that living a good life is having a house that is big, and having lots of “things” – we’re told that that is what will make you happy.

What we don’t realize is that for most people, the large house and all those things can actually make life more difficult – unless you are naturally wealthy. The big house and all those things cost big money to buy and to maintain. It doesn’t leave you with much left over for what really matters.

When you really think about it, it is not the things you have that make you happy. Happiness is doing what you like to do.  It doesn’t come from what you have.

Life Should Be Happy, Fun, Stress-Free And Rewarding.

You don’t get that from things. You do get that from doing what you want, what you like, and living a life that is free of stress.

Now, you may be asking how that is possible. Well, let me explain how I did it.

After my life changing event, like many people that have had something similar happen, I started to think about how I had lived (and was living) my life. I didn’t like what I discovered so I decided to change it. Small Housing Construction Video I got rid of most of the unnecessary things (I kept a few precious and meaningful things that I really couldn’t part with). It wasn’t easy, and it took months to clean up and clear out my house, but I was determined and I did it!

These Days?

As a result of all these positive changes, my stress and my debt load decreased. So much that I’ve been able to just about eliminate all of my debt – in just over one-year!

What a difference that has made! I can’t believe how freeing that feeling is. I wish I had done this many years ago.

I don’t miss the big house at all. I don’t miss any of the things that I gave away, sold and donated.

I have everything that I need — in a small house. The most important things in my life are with me – my husband and my dogs, and my kids are not too far away. Tiny Houses Kitchen

Comfy, Cozy And Happy

I realize now that just because I live in a small place, doesn’t mean that I don’t have luxuries.

In fact, I think my life is fuller now that it has ever been.

A bonus — I’m helping the environment by consuming less of its resources.

And best of all, I have the time and the money to do the things that I really love to do – travel, visit friends and family, spend time with my dogs,  go to the pool and the  gym, take long walks, work from home, and live where I have always wanted to.

My Wish

What I wish is that everyone could/would/should seriously think about how they are living their life BEFORE something traumatic happens to make them reflect and change how they are living before it is too late.

For me, I made a change for the positive. I live more affordably – in a house that is affordable. The rest of the better and healthier living came as a result of that one change.

There are many designs for affordable housing to choose from. It doesn’t matter what you like, there is something for everyone – from rustic to luxurious. You can even choose a plan or a design that is close to what you like and add your own touch. You can start your research with one of the tiny house books that are available. Learn everything you can then attend one of the workshops and/or get right into building your own small house. Everything you need to know is within the pages of this website or you will be told where you can find the information. Go ahead – start reading and learning.

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