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Flatbed Truck Makeover

Flatbed Truck Motor HomeIt’s the simple things that make life so wonderful. Like taking a vintage truck and giving it a makeover so that can travel to see our beautiful countries – the USA and Canada.

When you do it right like these people did, it won’t cost you a fortune which leaves you with money and time to do what you really want to do.

This couple bought a vintage flatbed truck more than 40 years ago and transformed it into a motor home for their family. Over the years it as undergone many changes until it is what it is today – a custom motor home to be proud of.

That’s one way to reuse and recycle and get what you want. Well Done!

Custom Motor Home EntranceFlatbed Motor Home KitchenHome On Wheels




Beautiful ViewFlatbed TruckVintage Farm Truck Cab





Would you like to know more about how they did it? They call it Federal Motor Home.