Issue #22

The Tiny House Magazine

MagazineIssue #22 has been published and is ready for your viewing.

It’s 68 pages full of invaluable information.

These are full of great information for

  • anyone that is living the life.
  • for anyone that wants to and/or is planning to.
  • people that love small and unique homes.

They are full of great information and images.

And – you can get them in PDF format, for your iPad or your Android

Every time I get one of these magazine, I am reminded of the huge strides in improvements in the designs and construction of the houses today versus not long ago. Just a few short years ago the plans and designs were fairly simple and much the same from one to the other.

These days, they are so much more – inside and outside.

Some could even be called A Work of Art in the architectural world.

I’m still amazed at how much comfort can be fit into a little place.

Get TH Issue #22 and see for yourself.